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Blog. memory


Blog. Activity of the mind sleep 2

Activity of the mind: sleep

Blog. activity of the mind misunderstanding

The activity of the mind: Misunderstanding

Blog. Mind: Understanding

The activity of the mind: Understanding

Blog. The 5 activities of the mind

The 5 activities of the mind

Blog. Yin and Yang: be your own teacher

Yin and yang: be your own teacher

Blog. Achieving balance

Achieving balance

Blog. Counter postures

Counter postures: connecting to your core or mid-line energy

Blog. Shira and sukha

Sthira and Sukha, asanas: firm but smooth

Blog. The meaning of Ha and The

Balancing your yoga practice: the meaning of HA and THA

Blog. The Hamsa


Blog. Lotus


Blog. Ganesha


Blog. Buddha


Blog. AUM


Blog. AJNA

Ajna chakra

Blog. Vishuddhi

Vishuddhi Chakra

Blog. anahata

Anahata chakra , part 4

Blog. Chakras general info

Chakras, part 2 Summer Term 2017

Blog. Manipura

Manipura Chakra, part 3

Blog. swadisthana

Swadisthana Chakra, part 2

Blog. Muladhara

Muladhara Chakra, part 1


The five elements, summer Term 2017, part 1

Blog. causes of suffering

Spring Term 2017, Part 2: The causes of suffering, Patanjali

Blog. principles of yoga Sivananda

Spring 2017, Part 1: The 5 principles of yoga

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