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Raja and Gentle classes in Southampton (Portswood, Highfield and Shirley): postures, breathing techniques and relaxation

Classic yoga classes last for 60 or 75 minutes. See Blog for details.

*Student discount: 25% on presentation of a FULL TIME STUDENT CARD

Drop-in sessions cost £12. If you book individual sessions in advance, it is only £10.

But you can also purchase a pass for 10 sessions: A 10 classes card costs £80 ( £8 per session), and usually covers a full Term. Extra sessions may be available for a reduced fee, following the series. Alternatively you can also purchase a pass for 5 sessions (one half-term), and the price is then £45. Cards are valid for consecutive sessions. If you miss a class you can catch up on a different day or come to 2 sessions in one week. If you really cannot make it; one session may be transferred to the following series. In any case, communication of whether you can make a class or not is really helpful (Thank you for doing that – it is just a quick text or e-mail). You will find that everyone is important in a class: the dynamic of a consistent, committed and caring group is invaluable.

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Gentle Yoga classes and Yoga Nidra (Satyananda) last for one hour. In Highfield the group size is between 2 and 4 people maximum, on a pre-book basis only. (Contact: 07979714179). If you wish to do classes with the Wessex Cancer Trust in Cosham, you will need to book at the venue itself Click here to go to Wessex cancer trust Cosham.

For practical advice, go to FAQ (your questions answered)

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Timetable Spring 2019, Part 1

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One-to-one classes

I am also available for one- to-one classes on a pre-book basis. One to one sessions are organised on the basis of a group of 5 sessions of one hour each. The cost is £150 for 5 sessions (£30 per hour) and the venue has to be arranged on an individual basis. It is common practice to have an assessment session before you commit yourself to 5 sessions. The cost is the same and this session lasts for 1 hour and 15 minutes to allow discussion and planning.

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My training

I was introduced to yoga in the 1980s with the Sivananda Centre in London, before I moved to Southampton. I returned to the path after my husband’s death, ten years ago and started a yoga class in Southampton. My practice is still developing through my own practice and retreats. I have done retreats with various schools and traditions as I am interested in trying out different approaches. I have travelled to India twice for extended periods in 2016 and 2018, learning about Ayurveda and also refining my own practice in Sivananda Ashrams (the equivalent of a "yogic monastery") in India, in Kerala and in the Himalayas.

I always had an interest in Health and well-being and attended fitness classes regularly. However, I eventually found my full balance when I started to attend a class in Southampton. After a retreat in Dartmoor ( I was initiated to a deeper aspect, through pranayama, meditation and philosophy. Five years later I decided to train as a Teacher.

I trained with the Yoga Training Centre in London (YTC affiliated to the BWY,, after an initial Foundation Course with Wendy Harding in Poole in 2011. I have completed the full 500 hours British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Training Level 4 Certificate, which includes modules on philosophy and meditation. I also attended a month intensive training (TTC) at the Sivananda ashram in Orleans (France). More recently I went back to Northern India, on the Himalaya foothills, for an advanced Sivananda training. So basically I completed two advanced Yoga teacher trainings: as you learn more, Yoga feels like a never ending journey .... you might need more than your life time to complete it!

My classes are integrative of the whole spectrum of Yoga, including asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing practice), relaxation and meditation. In that sense, a regular practice acts as a Yoga therapy. All classes have an underlying philosophical theme: Go to Blog for examples of themes

I have an interest in using Yoga a a therapeutic tool. To that effect I took extended modules in disciplines that enhance the idea of wellness. Wellness does not necessarily mean being super fit and healthy; it just means being well in yourself whatever your physical condition might be. So I took a module at the Satyananda Centre in London to teach Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep, which induces deep relaxation). I also trained with Julie Friederberger to teach "yoga to people living with cancer" , and more recently I certified with Philip Xerri to be able to teach pranayama (breathing techniques).

Yoga for people living with cancer

I have trained to teach Yoga to people living with cancer with Julia Friederberger and I have now taught a regular class in Cosham Cancer Support Centre since September 2016 ( Click here to go to Wessex cancer trust Cosham for a direct link with the centre. I also offer private sessions for small groups (maximum 3 people in Highfield: booking is essential). The cost of the session is £30 per hour for a course of 5 sessions: £30 for one-to-one, £15 for 2 people, £10 for 3 people.

If you would like to join the group in Cosham, it takes place on alternate Wednesdays, from 4pm to 5pm.

Please give your name and contact details directly at the centre. For details Click here to go to Wessex cancer trust Cosham

I am trained to work with ‘people who are living with cancer’ and Yoga Nidra, a form of yoga therapy using deep relaxation. These sessions are available to anyone who uses the centre whether affected by cancer, bereaved by cancer or supporting someone living with cancer.

Yoga is not like any fitness classes. Lack of fitness or mobility is not an issue.

Just wear loose clothing (joggers, tshirt, socks) and bring a blanket in case you become cold

Cushion is optional

Mats are provided (if unable to work on the floor, a chair can be used)

People of ages, abilities, mobilities are welcome to this small group of 2-6 people

Satyananda Yoga Nidra sessions

I am keen to integrate Yoga Nidra in my sessions. It is a transformative technique through deep relaxation that I learnt to teach in the Satyananda Centre in London for 6 months. I have found that people who experienced it found it a 'life changing experience'. It is a path to physical and emotional well-being. Go to Yoga Nidra and restorative yoga.

I now run gentle Yoga sessions, where I intend to introduce my students to relaxation techniques and Yoga Nidra. My recommendation would be to start with 5 sessions of 50 to 60 minutes each. These include stretching and a body-energy warm up, followed by breathing techniques and finally deep relaxation, working towards a full Yoga Nidra.

It is a long term process. With the first 5 sessions you will be able to make up your mind about the techniques. Then, if you feel that this is for you, you will have the opportunity to deepen the practice further in a progressive manner.

I have completed a course in London to be able to teach people who live with Cancer, and I teach at the Wessex Cancer Trust fortnightly on a voluntary basis. I do use Yoga Nidra, which helps to deal with pain and stress. Teaching Yoga Nidra helps to trigger the healing process.

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So ... what happens in a typical class?

A yoga class is not just like any fitness classes. It cares for the body and the mind.

A typical class begins with a short introduction to the theme for the session. Usually this theme is part of a topic developed over 5 weeks. This will help you to understand how the Yoga you are doing fits with the original philosophical context and history of Yoga (for details about the philosophical themes underlying the classes, go to Blog). I welcome comments and opinions and there will always be room for discussion and feedback at the end of the session.

Next comes a short period of quiet to slow the mind and quietens breath and body, followed by limbering moves to warm up muscles and joints. Then we are ready for the Asanas or postures.

Asanas strengthen and tone the body and, most importantly improve the flow of energy, helping to regulate the physical systems (nervous system, digestive, endocrinal systems etc.); but also awakening more subtle systems, the Koshas. I will come back on this as we progress throughout the year. The objective in asana work is not how far you can stretch or contort your body, but to combine stability (Stira) with ease and relaxation (Sukha). Asanas must never lead to pain and can always be modified to address medical conditions such as arthritis or high blood pressure. I also teach specialist classes, gentler classes for people who are less mobile, Yoga for people living with cancer.

Considering that our life depends upon our breathing, it is remarkable that we have as much conscious control over it as we do. We can do without food or even drink for days; we cannot spend more than a few minutes (with training!) without breathing. In a Yoga Class you will practise breathing techniques to develop awareness and full use of the breath. The pranamaya kosha is the ‘energy body’ and breathing exercises are the tool to help control and move ‘Prana’, the ‘life force energy’. Not all exercises are suitable for those with respiratory or circulatory conditions, so make sure that you advise me on these matters at the beginning of the course.

There are a huge variety of relaxation and meditation techniques and styles. I have trained as a Satyananda teacher for Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation technique that follows a strict progression. However, I am also interested in meditation skills generally, which develop our ability to center and concentrate on a single external object, then progressively on more internal focuses. The idea is to explore and build up our consciousness at increasingly deeper levels.

Finally, is Yoga for you? You might find that you are awakening muscles that have not worked for some time and that might translate in some minor aches; but eventually you will come to appreciate the benefit of Yoga as a wholly discipline that involves mind and body, and introduces harmony, peace and clarity in yourself and for people around you too.

For details of times and location, see Classes and location

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Wonderful day in Southampton common for the International Yoga Day 2017! To watch our slide show, go to International Yoga Day 2017, Picnic with friends

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Classes: Beginners are welcome

For details of times and location, see Classes and location

Classes take place in Southampton and Cosham. For practical information (FAQ) go to FAQ (your questions answered)

I have booked two venues:

Classes in Southampton, Portswood : in the Residents Garden's pavilion on Tuesday evenings: you can park in the street(Abbots Way) for two hours. Thereafter you would need a Resident Parking Permit for Southampton zone 12. However, you can also park in the alley way leading to the pavilion for the duration of the class. The Thursday class is suspended for the time being. I will consider re-opening it again in the New Year (2018), depending on bookings. I might change the time to an afternoon session from 1.45 to 3pm.

Classes in Shirley, Shirley Warren Learning Centre, Warren Crescent, Southampton, SO16 6AY Parking is available in the playground of Shirley warren School, entrance at the back.

All facilities have toilet and you can change on site.

The spaces for classes in Highfield are limited, so pre-booking is essential. Here people with more limited mobility can enjoy the yoga therapy aspect of this ancient discipline.

The class in Cosham (Wednesday) is linked to the Wessex cancer trust and is organised by the centre itself. Contact the centre for bookings and information. Click here to go to Wessex cancer trust Cosham

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Yoga is a wholly activity, a form of self-therapy. The aim is not to live to do yoga better; but to do yoga to live better

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Contact details

You can contact me at the numbers below:

Mobile: 07979714179

Landline: 02380322543

emails: [email protected]

More info on Face book page

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